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Canadian #1 platform for teens 13 to 18



Join Canada’s first online community for teens offering video lessons across all art forms. Access classes and lectures online that integrate creative education with life skills that are taught by industry leaders. 


With new courses being released every month, choose from dance, music, film, storytelling, graphic design, graffiti and many more disciplines. Connect with teens in the member’s chat room and stream content from anywhere, anytime, on any smart device.

Meet your coach - Youth Forward
Luca “Lazylegs” Patuelli

Meet your coach - Youth Forward

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Meet your coach - Youth Forward

Try, try, try again - Lazylegz teaches a baby freeze on Youth Forward

Just do you - Lazylegz for Youth Forward

Embracing our differences - Lazylegz for Youth Forward

Take a peek and watch some previews

Coach: Luca "Lazylegs" Patuelli

Dancers: Samanthat Busner, Olivia Calcagni, Patricia Calfacacos, Marissa Grandsire, Hannah Lindsey, Abigail Zanti

Videographer: Kayla Jeanson

Editors: Kayla Jeanson and Sonia Clarke

Filmed at Imperium Dance Studio

Learn from key players in the industry. Get tips, guides, and demonstrations to help you thrive in your field of interest. Our coaches are professionals who are passionate about their work and love sharing the ins and outs of their artistry. Engage with like-minded and passionate art enthusiasts in the blog section by leaving comments or questions that will be answered by our team.








Subscribe to the platform with the approval of a parent or tutor.

Customise your profile by sharing your preferences and interests.

Start watching classes at your own pace and explore the community.

Manage your learning curve, get feedback from our coaches, and share your thoughts.

"I waste too much time searching for videos on youtube that are not even the real stuff. With Youth Forward, not only do I save time, I also gain in quality and choice. I've improved my skills and I additionally got to know other arts that I never thought could be so awesome to learn. I find that my time at the computer is now well spent." 

 - Gary Lewis -

17 years old 

“ I want to support my daughter's dancing talent but I'm concerned with the toxic video content she might be exposed to. Youth Forward brings me peace of mind: the classes are professional and the content is adapted to her age. She has also gained confidence and communication skills and has helped me understand her talent and uniqueness. 

 - Mary Rosenberg -

Mother of a 14 year old 

"Youth Forward is the only online platform of arts classes for teens built as integrated program of soft skills, arts and social abilities. This approach is imperative to the education of the digital native generation. As education expert, I'm positively impressed at how this is a  turning point in the future of e-learning."

 - Sami Jadm - 

Education expert and Pedagogue

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